LASER CUT 1 1/2" Round Blank

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LASER CUT 1 1/2" (38MM) Round Disc Stamping Blanks, 22g Stainless Steel - AWESOME Silver Alternative! Protective film melts back from edge a bit leaving slight residue that comes off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or polishing cloth and can be done when removing excess Sharpie used for highlighting impressions. Also, there can be a very slight burr on the back which typically flicks off with a finger nail. If you give the back your blanks a brushed finish using a sanding sponge after personalizing to hide marks produced by stamping, the slight burr will be removed during that step. Finally, there maybe a very small nub at the point where the cutting begins/ends. If desired you may remove it quickly using technique demonstrated in our video showing how to round over square corners.


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See punch demonstration video's

Using our very shiny stainless steel blanks will allow you to offer your customers products that are beautiful & very affordable. For many years luxury watchmakers have appreciated that stainless steel is an excellent choice for producing quality jewelry. It is hypo allergenic, does not rust, change color or tarnish. And because it is so durable, items crafted with it can be treasured for a lifetime.

1. Our blanks ship with an easy to peel vinyl film to protect the shiny side until you are ready to use them and are made in the USA.

2. If you are using GOOD QUALITY SHARP STAMPS, you only have to hit them slightly harder than you do for stamping silver, copper or brass

3. Stainless steel is a very strong durable metal and does not easily bend, which are very desirable qualities. However punch hole pliers & screw down punches will not work. The heavy duty punches I have listed are modified so the hole can be set to 1/16" from the blank edge (orig. only 1/4" min.) & the pin opening is coated to prevent marring the blank. Hole punching is quick & easy in stainless steel & whatever other metal you're using.


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