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MODIFIED - Premium Punch ONLY

This Premium Heavy Duty Hole Punch is the original that the Power Punch I also sell is a copy of. It is higher quality and is easier to punch holes. PLEASE NOTE: This brand new punch comes only with a 3/16" punch/die. You may also want to purchase one of the smaller size individual punch/die sets I have available: 1/16", 5/64" & 3/32".

You will LOVE how quickly and easily this tool punches holes in your blanks. Plus I have modified the depth gauge so that holes can be positioned as close as 1/16" from the edge of the blank. I also put a coating around the pin opening so that it does not mar the finish of the blank on the up stroke.

ALSO AVAILABLE: A mount to attach this punch to your work bench, makes it even faster and easier to use!

Provides over 1 ton of punching power for accurate, precision holes in mild steel up to 16 gauge, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, etc. No problem to punch holes in the 22g stainless steel blanks I sell.


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